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And they say that a hero could save us.

I'm not gonna stand here and wait.

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Name:Optimus Prime
Location:Detroit, Michigan, United States of America
Now that the world isn't ending, it's love that I'm sending to you.
It isn't the love of a hero...
Designation: Optimus Prime
Universal Stream: Malgus 1207.26 Alpha

Alternate Mode: Firetruck; Equipped with various trailer accessories
Primary Weapon: Ion Axe

Known Data: If you were expecting Optimus Prime, the heroic leader of the Autobots from your childhood – you had best look elsewhere.

This Optimus has only ever aspired to be a hero, dreaming of becoming a member of the Elite Guard – Dreams which were suddenly out of reach, thanks to his expulsion from the Academy.

While he possesses the combat skills, the planning, and the ability to deliver the inspiring and, dare I say, heroic speeches, this incarnation of Optimus still seems to be missing something. It may simply be the seasoning of experience, but it is a noticeable gap all the same – he just isn’t quite the leader that his name implies.

He is a genuinely decent person, believing in doing what is right – even if it is not what is best for him (or even particularly smart). Optimus will readily sacrifice himself for the greater good and has done so in the past – which includes protecting his teammates. He will always be the first to enter the battle and the last to leave, prioritizing their safety above his own.

His time on Earth has taught him a lot, and continues to do so. He is not yet well versed in organics; however, Sari is steadily teaching him (and mentally scarring him with talk of procreation). It has also allowed him to discover the true nature of being a hero – as desperately as he wished to be one, it is not about glory or receiving recognition for his deeds, but about giving everything he has for what he believes is right, as he did when he kept the AllSpark from Starscream.

While he takes his position and duties very seriously, he is still quite young by Cybertronian standards. He manages to retain his sense of humour and is sweet to others. His patience is not limitless, but it takes a great deal to push him over the edge – he is not the type of leader that must shriek orders or abuse his authority to earn respect. Even when he does snap at his teammates, he will humbly admit his mistake in doing so and apologize.

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And that's why I fear it won't do.
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